Our Vision

Helping chess lovers and businesses succeed with easy-to-access learning and smart content solutions worldwide.

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Our Story

John Iwuozor

Founder / CEO

ChessForSharks started as a hobby in 2020, during the heat of the pandemic that ravaged the world. Our founder was only passionate about sharing his knowledge and that led him to create a free WordPress site suitable for blogging and analyzing games. 3 years of daily efforts, dozens of meetings, and thousands of dollars invested later, this platform has gone from just a blog to a growing content brand.

We went from analyzing chess games to creating informative content suitable for all players ranging from complete beginners to masters in the game. We aren’t stopping now as we have plans to become the LARGEST CHESS CONTENT BRAND in the world.

ChessForSharks partners with leading chess influencers and brands, to rovide premier learning resources for chess enthusiasts worldwide. We offer a range of content marketing services -- from dynamic chess articles to impactful social media strategies.

The Chessforsharks Philosophy

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Meet The Team

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