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Our Content Guidelines

ChessForSharks is the go-to platform for players who want to take their chess knowledge from zero to a hundred. To achieve this, we assembled a team of passionate chess experts with a combined 28 years of experience playing professional chess and working with top brands like chess dot com and iChess. 

We offer multiple resources for our readers such as informative pieces, video tutorials on our YouTube channel, and premium chess courses to scale your ratings (coming soon). We plan out every individual content by looking at our readers’ pain points and producing solution-focused content. In other words, we cover the entire spectrum of a chess player’s journey from beginners to professionals.

We’re also committed to providing well-researched and verified content for our readers. We strive to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in all our content so do contact us if you think our work has fallen short of these standards.

Our Advertising Approach

ChessForSharks does run advertisements and may engage in financial collaborations with brands however, we take these partnerships seriously. We only collaborate with brands that we WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in and trust. Our commitment is to maintain editorial independence and provide unbiased chess insights to our audience. Any mention of a specific chess product or service in our articles is because we genuinely endorse it and consider it valuable to our readers.

Our Approach To Creating Content

At ChessForSharks, we strongly believe in creating high-quality and valuable content for our readers. That’s why we rely on human creativity and expertise for most of our articles. Our writers are passionate chess enthusiasts who create engaging and informative content that covers various aspects of the game. They make up 85% of our site’s content.

For the remaining 15%, we use automation to assist us in writing generic content that is not very complex or specialized. However, we do not blindly trust the AI output. We always edit and verify every piece of AI-generated content to ensure that it meets our standards of quality and accuracy. We also make sure that it provides useful information and answers the search intent of our readers.

Contributors Expert Insights

We love chess and want to share our passion with you. That’s why we work with some of the best chess experts in the world to create high-quality chess content for you. Our contributors include talented chess players, famous chess coaches, and specialists in different chess variants. 

We also welcome chess lovers who are experts in their fields and want to help others learn and enjoy chess. If you want to join our team and contribute to ChessForSharks, please send us an email at hello@chessforsharks.com.

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