Top 5 Chess Players With The Highest Chess Ratings

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Top Chess Players With Highest Chess Ratings: From Top to Bottom - Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So

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Ever wondered who the highest rated chess players are?

You’ve probably heard of names like Kasparov and Carlsen before, but do you know their actual ratings and just how dominant they were?

In this article, we’ll explore the highest chess ratings ever achieved and the players who reached those dizzying heights.

These players include:

  • Magnus Carlsen
  • Garry Kasparov
  • Fabiano Caruana
  • Levon Aronian
  • Wesley So

Magnus Carlsen (Peak Rating Of 2882)

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is the highest-rated chess player of all time. In 2014, the Norwegian grandmaster achieved a mind-blowing rating of 2882, which is the highest ever recorded.

Carlsen first gained attention as a chess prodigy. At just 13 years old, he had already achieved the grandmaster title. His meteoric rise in the chess world culminated in him claiming the world champion title in 2013 at age 22, defeating Viswanathan Anand.

Carlsen’s playing style is characterized by aggressive and unconventional moves, with a razor-sharp tactical mind. He has an uncanny ability to calculate variations many moves in advance.

Yet he also has a positional sense, able to gain small advantages that he gradually builds upon. This blend of tactical brilliance and deep strategy makes him a formidable opponent.

No wonder Carlsen achieved that record-shattering 2882 rating. The scary thing is, at just 32 years old, he may still be improving.

Barring a major upset, Carlsen looks poised to hold onto the number one rating position for years to come and push the rating records even higher.

For chess fans, we are witnessing history in the making. Carlsen’s games will surely be studied by future generations, just as we now analyze the masterpieces of Kasparov, Fischer, and Alekhine.

What an incredible time to be a chess aficionado.

Garry Kasparov (Peak Rating Of 2851)

Highest Chess Ratings
Garry Kasparov

As world chess champion from 1985 to 2000, Garry Kasparov dominated the game and achieved the highest chess ratings ever recorded. His peak rating of 2851 was unmatched for a very long time.

Kasparov first gained the world title in 1985 at the age of 22, making him the youngest in the history of world champions at the time.

He held onto that title for 15 years, defending it against challengers like Vladimir Kramnik. During this time, Kasparov was nearly unbeatable.

Kasparov was known for an aggressive, tactical style and his ability to calculate complex combinations far in advance. He employed advanced strategies like the Sicilian Defense and King’s Indian Defense to gain attacking chances with the black pieces.

With the white pieces, he often opened with 1. e4, favoring complex, open positions.

While ratings provide one measure of a player’s skill, Kasparov’s dazzling and daring style of play captured the world’s imagination.

His matches were major events, demonstrating that chess at its highest levels could be a thrilling spectacle.

Kasparov helped popularize chess and attract new fans to the game worldwide. Though his record for highest rating now belongs to Magnus Carlsen, Kasparov’s impact on chess is unparalleled.

Fabiano Caruana (Peak Rating Of 2844)

Fabiano Caruana
Fabiano Caruana

The strongest American chess player and the current World Number 2 is the third on our list of players with the highest chess ratings.

After becoming a grandmaster at the tender age of 14, it was obvious to the entire chess world that Caruana would go on to do great things.

He achieved a peak rating of 2844 in 2014, during that year’s edition of the Sinquefield Cup.

Caruana would go on to have a performance rating of 3098, winning the tournament against elite chess players, including Magnus Carlsen.

Read more about Caruana in our biography series.

Levon Aronian (Peak Rating Of 2830)

Levon Aronian
Levon Aronian

Levon is not only popular in the chess world for his cool fashion sense, he’s also an amazing player and he comes in number four on the list.

The former Rapid and Blitz champion gained a peak rating of 2830, in 2014.

Among his lists of major achievements was winning the FIDE World Cup in 2005 and 2017. CNN once called him the “David Beckham of chess”.

These impressive achievements are a testament to Levon’s incredible playing style, which is characterized by ruthless aggressiveness and mind-blowing sacrifices.

Levon announced his decision to transfer from the Armenian Chess Federation to the United States Federation in late February 2021.

Wesley So (Peak Rating Of 2822)

Wesley So
Wesley So

Fifth on our list is the three-time US and Philippine chess champion, Wesley So, with a peak rating of 2822.

Wesley is an immensely gifted chess player with a style that has continuously wowed the chess world for over a decade.

He started competing in junior tournaments at the age of 10, and from that early age, it was evident to many that the kid was going to be a superstar.

Wesley would go on to become a three-time chess champion for both the US and the Philippines.

He also became the Fischer Random World Champion in 2019, defeating Magnus Carlsen to clinch the title. He achieved his peak rating of 2822 in February 2017.


So there you have it, the highest chess ratings ever recorded and the stories of the players who achieved them.

These chess grandmasters have reached the pinnacle of the chess world through talent, hard work, and determination. Their accomplishments will likely stand for years to come as the benchmarks that other players strive to reach.

While ratings are complex and ever-changing, one thing is clear — these players have demonstrated a level of chess mastery that few in history can match.

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