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  • History Of Fischer Random Chess

    Ever wonder how chess would play if the starting positions of the pieces were randomized? You're not alone. On June 19, 1996, Bobby Fischer, the legendary chess champion, publicly introduced…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Bobby Fischer sitting in front of a chess board
  • Top 5 Chess Players With The Highest Chess Ratings

    Ever wondered who the highest rated chess players are? You've probably heard of names like Kasparov and Carlsen before, but do you know their actual ratings and just how dominant…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Top Chess Players With Highest Chess Ratings: From Top to Bottom - Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So
  • 10 Best Chess Players Of All Time

    Chess, often referred to as the "Game of Kings," has a storied history that spans centuries. Throughout this history, there have been countless grandmasters and brilliant minds who have graced…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Best chess players. From top to down: Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, Emmanuel Lasker, Mikhail Tal, Capablanca Jose, Vladimir Kramnik, Viswanathan Anand, Paul Morphy
  • Who is Anatoly Karpov?

    Anatoly Karpov is a Russian chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion. Born in 1951 in Zlatoust, Russia, Karpov began playing chess at the age of four and was awarded…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    anatoly karpov
  • 9 Best Games Of Alexander Alekhine You Should Know

    Ever heard of "The White Russian"? This was a nickname attributed to none other than the 4th world chess champion, Alexander Alekhine. Born in 1892, the Russian-French player is known…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Stamp printed in Benin showing portrait of Alexander Alekhine
  • A Biography Of Bobby Fischer

    If you're new to chess, you should have heard of this name spoken about in different contexts but... Who actually is Bobby Fischer? Well., it may interest you to know…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Bobby Fischer (right) during his 1992 rematch with Spassky (left)
  • Bobby Fischer vs Garry Kasparov: Comparing Two Legends

    As a chess fan, you must've wondered what a match or even a game between some World Champions across different eras would look like. Imagine Emanuel Lasker vs Viswanathan Anand,…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Fischer playing against Spassky
  • A Biography of Josh Waitzkin (and Why He Stopped Playing Chess)

    After watching the award-winning movie 'Searching For Bobby Fischer',  a lot of people ask this familiar question: "Does Josh Waitzkin still play chess?" He was believed to be the 'next…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Josh Waitzkin
  • A Biography Of Alireza Firouzja

    Some have already declared Alireza Firouzja a future World Champion. It's no surprise as the young chess superstar has taken the chess world by storm in recent years. We've seen…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    A Biography Of Alireza Firouzja
  • A Biography Of Ian Nepomniachtchi

    If you watched the Candidates tournament in 2021, you should know of the name "Ian Nepomniachtchi", the popular Russian Grandmaster who was able to win the prestigious biennial tournament. Emerging…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Ian Alexandrovich Nepomniachtchi
  • History Of The World Chess Championship: A Look At The Pre Steinitz-Era

    The World Chess Championship is a two-man tournament that occurs biennially (once in two years). The special tournament determines the chess player who will claim the right to be called…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Giovanni Di Bona (standing in white leggings) playing against sitting man in red ( Ruy López)
  • A Biography Of Fabiano Caruana

    He might not be in the GOAT debate, because he's yet to be crowned chess champion of the world, but is Fabiano Caruana worth a mention in the debate? What…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Biography Of Fabiano Luigi Caruana
  • Top 10 Women Chess Players In History

    Have you ever wondered why chess is considered the most popular board game ever? It’s because chess is a game that transcends many boundaries, including gender. It appeals to individuals…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    top women chess players in history
  • Top 10 chess players likely to dethrone Magnus Carlsen

    The chess world is currently blessed with a host of players that would’ve probably borne the World Champion title if they had been born in a different era. Players like…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Top ten players likely to overthrow Magnus Carlsen
  • Top 5 Underrated Chess Players in History

    Chess, as we know, is a game that has been in existence for centuries. Some chess players have played the role of pioneers ensuring that the beautiful game grow in…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Underrated chess players
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