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  • How to Take Care of Your Chess Sets

    Chess sets come in all sorts of materials to accommodate players of various styles and skills levels, with wooden sets still dominating, yet metal and plastic pieces also increasing in…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Neat Staunton Chess Board and Pieces Well Arranged in Their Starting Places
  • Chess Boards: A Complete Overview

    Chess is a battle of minds in which a player's wildest imaginations become reality. There are endless possibilities that can arise from a game of chess; it all depends on…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    A Silicone Chess board
  • The Game Of Thrones Chess Set (And Characters Represented)

    It is not news that chess is a way of life. An excellent chess player can see life through the lens of the beautiful game. Therefore, it doesn't come as…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    game of thrones chess set
  • How Many Chess Pieces Are In A Set?

    The number of chess pieces in a set is 32, and each player has 16 pieces.  Chess pieces in a set include the King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn.…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Chess Pieces Arranged Comfortably In a Chess Box
  • How To Set Up A Chessboard Easily

    The chessboard has 64 squares, 32 are dark and 32 are white. There are 32 chess pieces, 16 of which are White's and 16 of which are Black's. For each…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    How the chessboard is set up
  • How Wooden Chess Pieces Are Made

    Chess pieces come in different forms: plastic, ceramic, aluminium or wood. Some of the luxury ones are even made with gold. But among them all, the most aesthetically pleasing is…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    How Wooden Chess Pieces Are Made
  • 10 Best Chess Sets Under $100

    Every true lover of the royalty game of chess must have that trusted set that serves as a getaway from a lot of stress. Chess sets come in different sizes…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    10 Best Chess Sets Under $100
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