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  • What is the Most Powerful Piece on the Chessboard and Why? –

    Whether you're a chess novice or a Grandmaster, you know that capturing your opponent's king is the ultimate goal. But which chess piece is the most powerful and effective in…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Most Powerful Piece on the Chessboard
  • Rook or Castle: Which Name Is It?

    Before answering this, let's see a little context so you can understand better. The name ‘rook’ comes from the Persian word ‘rukh’, meaning chariot. Centuries ago, the rook piece was…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    White Rook Isolated on White Background
  • What is The Deadliest Move in Chess?: The Answer May Surprise You

    You sit down for a casual game of chess against a friend, thinking it'll just be a fun way to spend the evening. Little do you know, there are moves…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    deadliest move in chess
  • Stalemate vs Checkmate: All You Need to Know

    The game of chess is a battle of minds. It is an arena where only the strongest minds and the smartest tactics prevail. There is no place for weakness in…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Stalemate vs Checkmate
  • Is Barron Trump A Chess Master? Fact Check

    The claims that raised the question "Is Barron Trump a chess master?" emanated from an article published on a website called THE DAILY CHRONICLE:  "Everyone knows Barron Trump is the…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Barron Trump and his father, Donald Trump
  • 5 Of The Best Chess Puzzles Out There (What We Love)

    Everyone loves a good puzzle, especially when it comes to chess. Chess puzzles or problems are like food for the brain – they train you to find best moves or…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    chess puzzle
  • The Art Of Defense In Chess

    Defense is a very essential aspect of Chess. It's all about detecting and neutralizing your opponent's plans and ideas. To master the game of Chess, every chess player must understand…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Defend in chess
  • Where Chess Meets Christmas

    How does the world of chess join in the festivities of one of the most popular holidays in the world? Are there chess theories, sets, events that make this season…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Chess and Christmas
  • 16 Hilarious Chess Memes From The 2021 World Chess Championship

    This article presents a compilation of funny chess memes with inspiration gotten from the 2021 world chess championship match between world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi. In this…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Chess Memes
  • The Dark Side Of Chess (And What Can Be Done)

    Chess in all its broadness, is a game that unites people from the ends of the earth. People find solace in the checkered squares of the royalty game. Despite the…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    The Dark Side Of Chess
  • African Chess Grandmasters: Who They Are And Why They Are So Few

    According to the Oxford dictionary, the word "MASTERY" means comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. However, the word "grandMASTER" can somewhat be affiliated with the world…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    African Chess Grandmasters
  • 5 Reasons why you should switch to online chess

    In view of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging all parts of the world, many sporting events which require physical contact have been either cancelled or postponed. Chess is not an exception…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

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