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  • Top 10 Popular Chess Gambits To Try Out

    As chess players, our styles of play sometimes depend on our mood and, of course, the importance of the game. Sometimes we feel the need to close up the game…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Chess Gambit
  • 10 Openings Named After Famous Chess Players

    There are thousands of openings (along with variations) in chess theory. Many chess players discovered chess openings and stamped their legacy in history. In this article, we look at the…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    10 openings named after popular chess players
  • 10 Weird Chess Openings with Animal Names

    We have always been fascinated with the creative and amusing names of some chess openings. Openings like these are usually termed “unorthodox openings” and in this article, we'll make use…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    Weird Chess Openings with Animal Names
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